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EMA Automazione

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15 years of experience in the industrial automation field (where you see TRUST)

Our process

1. Have an idea
2. Share it with us
3. We take care of everything


We have been developing automation systems for small, medium and big enterprises for years, supporting our customers from the electrical project to the final implementation. Our skills and experience can be applied in several fields, from wood industry to food textiles.  


Automation systems

Electrical projects, panels, plc software and implementation.

Robotic islands

Software and installation of robotic islands complying with the customer’s needs.

Vision systems

Vision control with vision systems to control the processes.


Vision control with vision systems to control the processes. Integration and development of SCADA systems for the supervision of production processes.

Electrical panels

Installation of panels starting complying with the customer’s requests.

Plant safety

Full review of the plants and securing them according to current regulations.


Modernization and automation of machinery.

Preventive maintenance

Complete check-up of your plants.

How we work


We analyze the project, choose the most suitable components and evaluate the best development strategy.


We move on to the operational step by developing the project in a precise and accurate way, down to the smallest detail.


At the end of the project, the product or service is delivered to the customer.


We guarantee a quality assistance service that can also be extended to your customers.

Who we are

EMA Automazione was founded in 1999; in the last 5 years due to a growing demand, we have decided to enlarge our small reality by increasing its staff and production capacity. Our focus was mainly the training of new young experts.